What is a Virtual Mailbox? Should You Get One?

Your postal mail is a vital part of your everyday routines, whether you’re constantly checking for new mail or waiting for important mail, your mail always needs to be under your radar. A virtual mailbox is one way to make that happen. Whether it’s personal mail or business mail, a virtual mailbox will give you the convenience and ease of management you’re seeking for your mail.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?  

 A virtual mailbox is a digital mailbox that you can access online using your computer or smartphone, anytime. It is an easier and faster method of mail handling, without needing to deal with paper mail, mail theft, or losing any important mail.

How it Works?

 Step#1: Your Mail is Sent to Your Virtual Mail Address.

In order to activate your virtual mailbox, you need to choose a location to have your postal mail sent to. It can be a real street address or a PO Box address, whichever you prefer. These locations are secure mail facilities that receive your postal mail and wait for your command on how to handle it.  

Step#2: Your Mail is Scanned & Sent to You.

The envelope of your mail or package is digitally scanned and sent to your virtual mailbox. You also receive instant notifications, whether by email or SMS, on all new mail and packages you get so you’d always be on top of all your mail.

Step #3: Send Out Mail Handling Requests.

You can log into your mailbox at any time using an internet connection to view and manage your postal mail. You can choose to either open & scan, forward, archive, shred or recycle a mail piece. Your mail can be forwarded to any given address, local or international, and it can be shredded and recycled if it is sensitive mail with private information. You electronically choose a handling request and once it’s sent out, certified mail operators take care of the rest.

Should You Get One?

A virtual mailbox has many benefits for individuals and companies, especially startups and home-based businesses, and these benefits include:

  1. With your virtual mailbox, you receive a real street address to use as your mailing address. This address doesn’t just offer you mail perks though, you can also use it as your business address, whether it’s for marketing on your website and social media or handing it out to investors or customers if needed. This would be a huge advantage for home businesses in need of a professional business address.
  2. The online mailbox also offers multiple recipients, so you and your family can all receive your mail filtered per individual, each can log in with their own login credentials and handle their mail separately. This would also be great for small businesses with multiple employees using the mailbox.
  3. If you’re a frequent traveler, a busy business owner, or both – this option is for you. Have 24/7 control over your postal mail without being tied down by your mailbox or the Post Office.
  4. You also get physical mail storage with this option so if you’re an online shopper, traveling, or simply need the extra space – you can have your packages stored at secure mail facilities for as long as you need, for a small fee. Also, your packages are stored for free for up to 30 days from their arrival.
  5. With a real street address as your mailing address, you’re no longer restricted to Post Office hours, USPS, or delivery rules. You can receive mail from all mail carriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS – not just USPS.

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For a starting price of $14.95, you can easily sign up for a virtual mailbox and enjoy all these perks and more using a U.S. street address as your mailing address. Activating your account is a simple and quick process, and no matter how many times you move, you will always have a stable postal street address to call yours.

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