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The Virtual Mailbox MailRoom

Scan - partner virtual mailbox

Scan & Upload

You can scan and upload envelopes, packages,
magazines or postcards using any mobile
device, tablet, or scanner.

Partner virtual mailbox

Email Notification

Your customer will receive an email notification
and can log into their mailbox using a mobile
device or computer.

Partner virtual mailbox

Mail Handling Request

Virtual Mailbox enables you to easily manage
your customer’s mail handling requests.

Let Your Customers Manage Their Postal Mail Online

Virtual Mailbox is a virtual mailroom solution that allows businesses and mail centers the ability to offer a virtual mailbox service. We offer a custom-branded solution that allows your customers to view and manage their postal mail online.

You won’t need to buy any equipment, and the entire application is cloud-based. Virtual Mailbox makes it easy to scan and upload your customers’ mail with just a few clicks. Our pricing is simple and easy to understand, and there are no contracts or annual commitments. We don’t charge for signing up, training or customer support, and there are no hidden fees.

Offer A Virtual Mailbox To Your Customers


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Our Advantage

Your Brand Your Brand

Fully branded with your logo on all customer interactions, including online signup, pricing, a virtual mailbox, and email notifications.

Your Equipment Your Equipment

Use your existing document scanner, mobile device or tablet to scan images and upload them online.

Your Pricing Your Pricing

You can offer customized subscription plans to your customers, you set your own prices and mail operation limits.

Low Cost Low Cost

No start-up costs, no monthly minimums and automated invoicing for your customers. Our training and documentation allows anyone to operate the system with ease.

Cloud Based Cloud Based

Our cross-platform solution lets your customers manage their mail using their desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Online Marketing Online Marketing

If you offer virtual mailboxes as a service, Virtual Mailbox will help you to  generate new customers through our online marketing campaigns.

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