Check your mail online – just like email
& tell us what to do.

Step1 - Activiation

Account Activation

To get started, select a plan and a real Virtual Mailbox street address.

To prevent identity theft, you’ll need to fill out a postal consent form allowing our operators to receive mail on your behalf. This form will have to be notarized with two forms of ID and sent to the location you selected during the sign up process.

Once the location receives your postal consent form, your account is fully activated!

Step2 - Mail Arrive

Your mail arrives

When mail arrives addressed to your unique address, a dedicated mail room operator takes action. Your mail is identified and tagged with your unique customer ID.

Determine what’s next

An image is made available to you online and an email notification is sent to you. The mail is then stored securely until you decide what to do next.You simply review the image at your convenience, wherever you are, and decide how you want the item handled.

Your Options

open and scan mail

Open & Scan

At your direction, you can request to open and scan the full contents so you can read it online.

forward mail


If you want to receive a piece of mail or package, you can request to forward it along to wherever you are in the world.

Store mailbox


You can request to keep your mail stored at the secure mail facility.

Store mailbox

Shred & Recycle

If you do not want the item, you can choose to have it recycled or shredded.

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