Virtual Mailbox for Individuals,
Businesses and Mailrooms

  • Remote Mail Management
  • Mail Forwarding to anywhere in the world
  • Content Scanning
  • Shredding & Recycling
  • Physical Mail Storage
  • Digital Archiving

Online Mail Management

No more waiting for the FedEx guy. No more overstuffed mailboxes. No more vacation holds. And best of all? No more junk mail. Ever. Again. Take complete control over your mail and package deliveries online from anywhere in the world with complete security. Just review your mail online and decide how you want the item handled.

online mail management
mail content scanning

Content Scanning

No more paper cuts! If you want, our operators will open your mail and securely scan the contents for you to read online.

Shredding & Recycling

Unlimited shredding and recycling so you can save a tree and protect your identity all at once – two birds, one stone.

mail shredding or recycling
Mail Package forwarding

Mail Forwarding

Think of a virtual mailbox as a part-time personal assistant . We’ll forward along the mail and packages you actually do want to any destination in the world whenever is most convenient for you.

Multiple Recipients

Run a tight ship. Assign multiple names or businesses to your address and we’ll give everyone a separate login so they can check their own mail securely.

multiple recipient
mail archiving

Mail Archiving

Totally free mail archiving. Download scanned images of your mail, sort them into folders, attach them to emails or hit delete. It’s your world. We just live in it.


Cut through the clutter and stay organized. Just set up filters and we’ll automatically handle your mail based on pre-set filters. Scan letters from Grandma and keep them in a family folder, forward all correspondence from VIP clients, and shred your student loan bills (just kidding! But we will if you want us to. Seriously. We will.)

mail filters
postal Mail Storage

Physical Mail Storage

What did your kitchen table ever do to you? Stop burying your counters in clutter. We’ll store your mail for free for the first 30 days, and if you need storage after that we can do that too.

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